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Beautifully comfortable.

You’re not going to love our homes because they “feel like home.” What does that mean anyway? The house itself doesn’t make the home. You and your family and your pets, and all your toys, and your clothes, and your art, and your knickknacks, are what makes it home. No, you’re going to love our homes because they’re functional. They’re fun to live in. We’d tell you that our homes put the “fun” in functional. But that would be cheesy. And our homes are exactly the opposite of that.

For lot and new home information, please call:

  • Debbi Clarke (205) 317-9470
  • Jan Milstead (334) 399-9637

Available Models

The Fillmore (A)

The Fillermore (B)

The Harrison (A)

The Harrison (B)

The Jackson (A)

The Jackson (B)

The Madison (A)

The Madison (B)

The Pierce (A)

The Pierce (B)

The Tyler (A)

The Tyler (B)

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